On Monday the 12 of December we hosted Dr. Theron Parsons to share a presentation about how to de-escalate a situation that may be violent. Dr. Parsons talked about how to keep your composure during the conflict, and how de-escalate the other persons attitude without a violent ending. Dr. Parsons also described how the whole point of trying to resolve the conflict is to make sure the other person knows that they may or may not be correct in their actions. If the person is correct in their actions and you are not, Dr. Parsons described, that you would have to willing accept that you are wrong and continue on with trying to resolve the situation. He described that the number one priority in situations like that is to de-escalate the situation without violence and coming up with an agreement or comprise of some sort. If you have any other questions on what you may have missed, Dr. Parsons would be able to answer your questions through email at parsonst@uwplatt.edu. Thank you so much to those who went!